Departmental Bulletin Paper 言語表現の容認度に対する下位構文スキーマ頻度及び単語頻度の影響の統計的考察
Which Affects Acceptability Judgment More, Lexical Items or Constructional Subschemas?

斎藤, 幹樹

21pp.37 - 57 , 2015-12 , 京都大学大学院人間・環境学研究科言語科学講座
This article aims to demonstrate the frequency of constructional subschemas, rather than lexical items, can affect acceptability judgment. Cognitive Grammar (cf. Langacker 1987, 2008) theoretically predicts that the frequency of constructional subschemas has a greater effect on recognition of well-formedness of linguistic expressions than the frequencies of lexical items that compose the expressions. To verify this, the experiment was conducted in which participants were asked to rate the acceptability of coined Japanese N-N compounds on a scale from 0 to 5, and its result was subsequently analyzed using a multiple regression analysis. 524, 307 patterns of the statistically significant models show the statistic significance of the frequency of constructional subschemas to predict the distribution of acceptability, whereas the frequencies of the component nouns are not significant in this respect.

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