Journal Article Distinct structural and dynamical difference between supercooled and normal liquids of hydrogen molecules.

Kim, Hyeon-Deuk  ,  Ando, Koji

18 ( 4 )  , pp.2314 - 2318 , 2016-01-11 , Royal Society of Chemistry
Supercooled hydrogen liquid as well as superfluid have continued to elude experimental observation due to rapid crystallization. We computationally realized and investigated supercooled hydrogen liquid by a recently developed non-empirical real-time molecular dynamics method, which describes non-spherical hydrogen molecules with the nuclear quantum effects. We demonstrated that the hydrogen supercooled liquid is not a simply cooled liquid but rather exhibits intrinsic structural and dynamical characters including a precursor of tunneling and superfluidity which neither normal hydrogen liquid nor solid possesses. All of the insights provide a milestone for planning experiments of metastable hydrogen systems like glassy and superfluid states and for identifying various unknown hydrogen phases.

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