Journal Article An acoustic metasurface design for wave motion conversion of longitudinal waves to transverse waves using topology optimization

Noguchi, Y.  ,  Yamada, T.  ,  Otomori, M.  ,  Izui, K.  ,  Nishiwaki, S.

107 ( 22 ) 2015-11-30 , AIP Publishing
This letter presents an acoustic metasurface that converts longitudinal acoustic waves into transverse elastic waves in an acoustic-elastic coupled system. Metasurface configurations are obtained by a level set-based topologyoptimization method, and we describe the mechanism that changes the direction of the wave motion. Numerical examples of 2D problems with prescribed frequencies of incident acoustic waves are provided, and transverse elastic wave amplitudes are maximized by manipulating the propagation of the acoustic waves. Frequency analysis reveals that each of the different metasurface designs obtained for different wavelengths of incident waves provides peak response at the target frequency.

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