Journal Article Anapole moment of a chiral molecule revisited

Fukuyama, Takeshi  ,  Momose, Takamasa  ,  Nomura, Daisuke

69 ( 12 ) 2015-12 , Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Parity violation in a chiral, four-atom molecule is discussed. Given the geometrical positions of the four atoms, we calculate the anapole moment of it. This problem was first discussed by Khriplovich and Pospelov [I.B. Khriplovich, M.E. Pospelov, Z. Phys. D 17, 81 (1990)]. We give a detailed derivation for it so that it can be more accessible to wider range of scientists. We correct errors in their results and generalize their initial state to |s 1/2〉 and |p 1/2〉 states. We also discuss realistic candidates of the chiral molecules to which this approach can be applied.

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