Departmental Bulletin Paper Is Same Sex Sibling Avoidance or Joking? (Natural History of Communication among the Central Kalahari San)

ONO, Hitomi

52pp.105 - 118 , 2016-03 , The Research Committee for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
This paper will reconsider the avoidance and joking distinction among the GÇ ui people, focusing on the interpretation of same sex sibling relationships. By examining their expected behaviours in physical contact, verbal expressions, and exchanging gifts, this paper will show that their behavioural restrictions are milder than those for opposite sex sibliings, but are similar to those for same sex parent-child relationships. Consequently, this paper will argue that the same sex sibling relationship and same sex parent-child relationship should both be interpreted as avoidance/respect, and not, as regarded in the literature, as joking and avoidance, respectively.

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