Journal Article Recent progress of optical functional nanomaterials based on organoboron complexes with β-diketonate, ketoiminate and diiminate

Tanaka, Kazuo  ,  Chujo, Yoshiki

72015-11-06 , Nature Publishing Group
The synthesis and application of organoboron complexes are a highly relevant topic owng to their unique characteristics. Based on their emissive properties, these complexes have been used to make novel optical materials and devices; boron β-diketonate is a simple and robust organoboron complex. From a series of recent studies, unique and versatile optical properties have been reported. In this review, we introduce the results of primarily recent studies on boron diketonate and related compounds containing polymers and particularly explain their optical properties. Initially, the multi-emission of boron diketonate derivatives and its application to biotechnology are explained. Next, the formation of nanostructures and its emission properties are demonstrated. The modulation of optical properties by mechanical stress is also presented. Finally, recent progress in the development of solid-emissive materials are shown with boron diketonates and their derivatives, which have aggregation-induced emission properties. The versatility of boron diketonates as a building block for the preparation of functional optical materials is the focus of this review.

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