Journal Article Hemostasis management of tooth extraction in a patient with Bernard–Soulier syndrome and a severe bleeding tendency: A case report

Mishima, Sayaka  ,  Nakao, Kazumasa  ,  Ikeno, Masayuki  ,  Bessho, Kazuhisa

Bernard–Soulier syndrome is characterized by thrombocytopenia, giant platelets, and severe bleeding; although bleeding varies widely, it is usually evident from childhood and requires particular attention during surgeries. We extracted a fractured tooth and performed hemostasis management in a male patient with a Bernard–Soulier syndrome-related severe bleeding tendency after intracerebral hemorrhage. The preoperative platelet count was abnormally low (7 × 10[9]/L). Normal coagulability was observed. After intravenous hydrocortisone administration, he received 10 human leukocyte antigen-matched platelet units. The extraction sites were packed with gelatine sponges and a splint was used for hemostasis. Excellent hemostasis was achieved with minimal human leukocyte antigen-matched platelets.

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