Journal Article Effect of grain refinement on hydrogen embrittlement behaviors of high-Mn TWIP steel

Bai, Y.  ,  Momotani, Y.  ,  Chen, M.C.  ,  Shibata, A.  ,  Tsuji, N.

651pp.935 - 944 , 2016-01 , Elsevier B.V.
Hydrogen embrittlement behaviors of a high-Mn TWIP (twinning induced plasticity) steel with various grain sizes from coarse grains to ultra-fine grains were studied by hydrogen pre-charging and subsequent slow stain rate tensile tests. The results of the tensile tests showed that the yield strength and tensile strength were not influenced by hydrogen-charging, whereas the total elongation reduced with hydrogen-charging in coarse-grained specimen but no change in the ultrafine-grained specimen. Fracture surfaces showed dimple patterns in all specimens. The present results suggested that the grain refinement suppressed hydrogen embrittlement in the high-Mn TWIP steel, even though the diffusible hydrogen content increased by grain refinement.

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