Journal Article Two-dimensional “transXend” detector for third-generation energy-resolved computed tomography

Kanno, Ikuo  ,  Yamashita, Yoshiki  ,  Kanai, Eri  ,  Ogawa, Tsuyoshi  ,  Shinsho, Kiyomitsu

53 ( 2 )  , pp.258 - 262 , 2015-04-23 , Taylor & Francis Group
Published online: 29 Apr 2015
The “transXend” detector measures X-rays as electric currents and provides the energy distribution of the measured X-rays after analysis. Capabilities of material distinction, effective atomic number measurement, and low-dose exposure computed tomography (CT) with high K-edge contrast agent from the use of the transXend detector in energy-resolved CT have been demonstrated via the first-generation CT measurements. For application of the principle of the transXend detector to the third-generation CT for human subjects in future work, a method for fabrication of a two-dimensional transXend detector is proposed and demonstrated using a commercial two-dimensional detector and two kinds of strip absorbers. The energy-resolved CT is performed by placing a proposed absorber system in front of a two-dimensional detector, which is used for conventional current measurement CT.

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