Journal Article A compact planar low-energy-gap molecule with a donor-acceptor-donor nature based on a bimetal dithiolene complex.

Hayashi, Mikihiro  ,  Otsubo, Kazuya  ,  Kato, Tatsuhisa  ,  Sugimoto, Kunihisa  ,  Fujiwara, Akihiko  ,  Kitagawa, Hiroshi

51 ( 87 )  , pp.15796 - 15799 , 2015-11-11 , Royal Society of Chemistry
Accepted 04 Sep 2015
We present the first report of a compact, planar and low-energy-gap molecule based on a π-conjugated bimetal system comprising a tetrathiooxalate (tto) skeleton. The observed low HOMO-LUMO energy gap (1.19 eV) is attributed to its donor-acceptor-donor (D-A-D) nature because the skeleton acts as an electron acceptor as well as a tiny and noninnocent bridging moiety.

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