Journal Article Effects of radical scavengers on aqueous solutions exposed to heavy-ion irradiation using the liquid microjet technique

Nomura, Shinji  ,  Tsuchida, Hidetsugu  ,  Furuya, Ryousuke  ,  Miyahara, Kento  ,  Majima, Takuya  ,  Itoh, Akio

The effects of the radical scavenger ascorbic acid on water radiolysis are studied by fast heavy-ion irradiation of aqueous solutions of ascorbic acid, using the liquid microjet technique under vacuum. To understand the reaction mechanisms of hydroxyl radicals in aqueous solutions, we directly measure secondary ions emitted from solutions with different ascorbic acid concentrations. The yield of hydronium secondary ions is strongly influenced by the reaction between ascorbic acid and hydroxyl radicals. From analysis using a simple model considering chemical equilibria, we determine that the upper concentration limit of ascorbic acid with a radical scavenger effect is approximately 70 μM.

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