Departmental Bulletin Paper <依頼論文>集中内観は生きがい感の向上に有効か? --SOC 健康尺度を用いた検証

千石, 真理

1pp.115 - 128 , 2016-01-15 , 京都大学大学院人間・環境学研究科 共生人間学専攻 カール・ベッカー研究室
内観心理療法は、不安神経症や強迫神経症、アルコール依存症や摂食障害等に適用され、その有効性が検討されてきた。いくつかの先行研究では、内観療法によって近親者に対する否定的な認知が肯定的に変化し、自己中心的な生き方が変容して、他人や社会のためにお返しをしようという意識が生まれ、その結果として、種々の症状や問題行動が改善されるとされる。そこで、本研究では、1 週間の「集中内観」を体験した46 名の研修者を対象に、SOC健康尺度を用いて、内観前後の生きがい感の変化を調べた。その結果、内観後は内観前と比べSOC の下位尺度である「処理可能感」と「有意味感」が上昇していた。このことから、内観療法が困難を乗り越えて生きていこうとする感覚の向上に有効であることが示唆された。
Naikan is a transformative psychotherapy in which clients re-evaluate their relations with their families and important people in their lives. Clients typically develop less egocentered perspectives, a sense of being loved and sustained by others, and determination to contribute to society as a way of repaying what they have received. Naikan therapy has proven effective in treating patients with conditions including neuroses, alcohol dependency, eating disorders, and depressive disorders, but its subjectively recognized ability to transform worldviews and attitudes has not been statistically documented. Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence (SOC) Scale has been widely used to measure consistency of worldview, especially in terms of stress coping and sense of meaning. Studies have indicated that strong SOC buffers against burnout and disease, so if a therapy can raise SOC, it is likely to improve mental and even physical health. It is reported that counseling may raise SOC, but the effect of Naikan therapy on SOC had yet to be tested. The aim of this research is to evaluate the ability of Naikan therapy to improve clients' Sense of Coherence. 46 clients who completed the SOC scale before and after a week-long course of intensive Naikan therapy showed significantly increased post-treatment scores in "manageability" and "meaningfulness, " along with increased total SOC scores. This suggests that Naikan therapy improved participants' sense of meaning, and may have implications for its role in health maintenance.

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