Departmental Bulletin Paper <サロン>体験学習用資料"電気を流す有機物"
<Salon>Instructional Aids for Experienced-based Learning Course, "Conducting Organic Materials"

矢持, 秀起  ,  大塚, 晃弘  ,  中野, 義明  ,  常見, 俊直  ,  川添, 達朗

26pp.26 - 35 , 2015-06 , 京都大学低温物質科学研究センター
In these days, many universities open the enlightening courses for the youth. Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University offers the course for the high school students, in which not only the lectures but also the experiences of experiments are provided. This document shows the instructional aids for a course carried out in the fiscal year 2014. In this class, the basic concepts to understand the conducting organic materials are explained and then the trainees prepared the metallic charge-transfor complex (TTF)(TCNQ) along with the insulator, (TTF)(Chloranil) which changes the color by cooling in liquid nitrogen.

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