Journal Article Development of a tunable Fabry-Perot etalon-based near-infrared interference spectrometer for measurement of the HeI 2(3)S-2(3)P spectral line shape in magnetically confined torus plasmas.

Ogane, S  ,  Shikama, T  ,  Zushi, H  ,  Hasuo, M

86 ( 10 ) 2015-10 , AIP Publishing
In magnetically confined torus plasmas, the local emission intensity, temperature, and flow velocity of atoms in the inboard and outboard scrape-off layers can be separately measured by a passive emission spectroscopy assisted by observation of the Zeeman splitting in their spectral line shape. To utilize this technique, a near-infrared interference spectrometer optimized for the observation of the helium 2(3)S-2(3)P transition spectral line (wavelength 1083 nm) has been developed. The applicability of the technique to actual torus devices is elucidated by calculating the spectral line shapes expected to be observed in LHD and QUEST (Q-shu University Experiment with Steady State Spherical Tokamak). In addition, the Zeeman effect on the spectral line shape is measured using a glow-discharge tube installed in a superconducting magnet.

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