Journal Article Liquid scintillators with near infrared emission based on organoboron conjugated polymers.

Tanaka, Kazuo  ,  Yanagida, Takayuki  ,  Yamane, Honami  ,  Hirose, Amane  ,  Yoshii, Ryousuke  ,  Chujo, Yoshiki

25 ( 22 )  , pp.5331 - 5334 , 2015-11-15 , Elsevier Ltd.
The organic liquid scintillators based on the emissive polymers are reported. A series of conjugated polymers containing organoboron complexes which show the luminescence in the near infrared (NIR) region were synthesized. The polymers showed good solubility in common organic solvents. From the comparison of the luminescent properties of the synthesized polymers between optical and radiation excitation, similar emission bands were detected. In addition, less significant degradation was observed. These data propose that the organoboron conjugated polymers are attractive platforms to work as an organic liquid scintillator with the emission in the NIR region.

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