Journal Article The ion beam sputtering facility at KURRI: Coatings for advanced neutron optical devices

Hino, Masahiro  ,  Oda, Tatsuro  ,  Kitaguchi, Masaaki  ,  Yamada, Norifumi L.  ,  Tasaki, Seiji  ,  Kawabata, Yuji

We describe a film coating facility for the development of multilayer mirrors for use in neutron optical devices that handle slow neutron beams. Recently, we succeeded in fabricating a large neutron supermirror with high reflectivity using an ion beam sputtering system (KUR-IBS), as well as all neutron supermirrors in two neutron guide tubes at BL06 at J-PARC/MLF. We also realized a large flexible self-standing m=5 NiC/Ti supermirror and very small d-spacing (d=1.65 nm) multilayer sheets. In this paper, we present an overview of the performance and utility of non-magnetic neutron multilayer mirrors fabricated with the KUR-IBS

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