Journal Article Multidimensional Analysis on the Effect of Vocal Function Exercises on Aged Vocal Fold Atrophy.

Kaneko, Mami  ,  Hirano, Shigeru  ,  Tateya, Ichiro  ,  Kishimoto, Yo  ,  Hiwatashi, Nao  ,  Fujiu-Kurachi, Masako  ,  Ito, Juichi

29 ( 5 )  , pp.638 - 644 , 2015-09 , Elsevier Inc.
Age-related voice change is characterized as weak, harsh, and breathy. These changes are caused by histologic alteration of the lamina propria of the vocal fold mucosa as well as atrophy of the thyroarytenoid muscle. Several therapeutic strategies involving laryngeal framework surgery and injection laryngoplasty have been tried, but effects have been limited. Vocal function exercises (VFE) have been used to treat age-related vocal fold atrophy although the effectiveness has been shown with limited analysis. The present study aims to determine the effectiveness of VFE for the treatment of aged atrophy using multidimensional analysis.

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