Journal Article Copper-catalyzed C-C bond-forming transformation of CO2 to alcohol oxidation level: selective synthesis of homoallylic alcohols from allenes, CO2, and hydrosilanes.

Tani, Yosuke  ,  Kuga, Kazunari  ,  Fujihara, Tetsuaki  ,  Terao, Jun  ,  Tsuji, Yasushi

51 ( 65 )  , pp.13020 - 13023 , 2015-08-21 , Royal Society of Chemistry
Accepted 02 Jul 2015
A highly selective carbon-carbon bond-forming transformation of carbon dioxide (CO2) to alcohol oxidation level has been disclosed. By employing a copper/bisphosphine catalyst system and hydrosilanes as mild and easy-to-handle reducing agents, various allenes can be reacted with CO2 to regioselectively obtain homoallylic alcohols. Esters and other reducible functionalities on the allenes remain intact during the reaction, whereas CO2 is reduced to alcohol oxidation level.

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