Journal Article Free-carrier dynamics and band tails in Cu[2] ZnSn (S[x]Se[1−x] )[4] : Evaluation of factors determining solar cell efficiency

Phuong, Le Quang  ,  Okano, Makoto  ,  Yamashita, Genki  ,  Nagai, Masaya  ,  Ashida, Masaaki  ,  Nagaoka, Akira  ,  Yoshino, Kenji  ,  Kanemitsu, Yoshihiko

92 ( 11 ) 2015-09-09 , American Physical Society
We investigated the composition-dependent photocarrier dynamics in Cu[2] ZnSn(S[x]Se[1−x])[4] (CZTSSe) single crystals using various types of steady-state and time-resolved optical spectroscopy. Photoluminescence spectroscopy shows that the band-tail states formed below the band edge decrease monotonically with increasing Se content. THz time-resolved spectroscopy clarifies that an increase in the Se content leads to a shorter lifetime of the free photocarriers. A trade-off between the composition-dependent band-tail density and the free-carrier lifetime occurs in CZTSSe single crystals. Our experimental results provide insights into the physics behind the low and composition-dependent conversion efficiency of CZTSSe-based solar cells.

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