Conference Paper 複数の視点から事例を見る情報モラル指導用教材の提案

門口, 礼  ,  上田, 浩  ,  森, 幹彦  ,  喜多, 一

<教育学習支援情報システム研究会(IPSJ-CLE)> テーマ:学習データの利活用/一般, 於:福井市地域交流プラザ, 2015年12月4日(金)-12月6日(日), 資料番号: IEICE-SITE2015-54, IEICE-ET2015-82
Case study learning materials are often used for information moral education. The traditional learning materials show cases focusing on damage or feelings of a victim that appears in the case. On the other hand, feelings of other characters, such as wrongdoers or victim's relatives, are rarely shown. In this article, we propose a new learning material that the learner can examine a case from various viewpoints by using. By examining the case from the viewpoints of the wrongdoer or the victim's relatives, the learner can think carefully feelings of them. Additionally, we have developed a prototype of the learning material. Based on the prototype and an interview to elementary school teachers, we discuss the effects of using the learning material.

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