Journal Article Can red sea bream Pagrus major learn about feeding and avoidance through the observation of conspecific behavior in video playback?

Takahashi, Kohji  ,  Masuda, Reiji  ,  Yamashita, Yoh

81 ( 4 )  , pp.679 - 685 , 2015-07 , Springer Japan
First online: 08 May 2015
The present study investigated whether red sea bream Pagrus major could learn about feeding and avoidance area through video model observation. In Experiment 1, 45-mm standard length (SL) fish were trained to learn about a feeding area in a tank. In Experiment 2, 114-mm SL juveniles were trained to avoid a hand net by moving into a shelter. Three treatments were established in each experiment: (i) live model observer: fish observed the behavior of a real fish in an adjacent tank; (ii) video model observer: fish observed video playback of a conspecific on a monitor; and (iii) non-observing control. Ten observational trials were performed in both experiments for the live and video model observer. Afterwards, fish from all treatments were conditioned by feed or avoidance training. In Experiment 1, there was no difference in the feed learning process among treatments. In contrast, in Experiment 2, live and video model observers acquired avoidance learning more quickly than control. The result indicates that the video model can be as efficient as the live model for observational learning in fish. This study suggests that video playback may be useful for anti-predator training of seedlings for stock enhancement.

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