Journal Article Unconventional Magnetic and Resistive Hysteresis in an Iodine-Bonded Molecular Conductor.

Kawaguchi, Genta  ,  Maesato, Mitsuhiko  ,  Komatsu, Tokutaro  ,  Kitagawa, Hiroshi  ,  Imakubo, Tatsuro  ,  Kiswandhi, Andhika  ,  Graf, David  ,  Brooks, James S

54 ( 35 )  , pp.10169 - 10172 , 2015-08-24 , ailey
Article first published online: 14 JUL 2015
Simultaneous manipulation of both spin and charge is a crucial issue in magnetic conductors. We report on a strong correlation between magnetism and conductivity in the iodine-bonded molecular conductor (DIETSe)2 FeBr2 Cl2 [DIETSe=diiodo(ethylenedithio)tetraselenafulvalene], which is the first molecular conductor showing a large hysteresis in both magnetic moment and magnetoresistance associated with a spin-flop transition. Utilizing a mixed-anion approach and iodine bonding interactions, we tailored a molecular conductor with random exchange interactions exhibiting unforeseen physical properties.

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