Journal Article Porphyrinylboranes Synthesized via Porphyrinyllithiums.

Fujimoto, Keisuke  ,  Yorimitsu, Hideki  ,  Osuka, Atsuhiro

21 ( 32 )  , pp.11311 - 11314 , 2015-07-14 , wiley
As the most nucleophilic porphyrins, meso- or β-lithiated porphyrins were generated by iodine-lithium exchange reactions of the corresponding iodoporphyrins with n-butyllithium at -98 °C. Porphyrinyllithiums thus prepared were used for synthesis of dimesitylporphyrinylboranes through reactions with fluorodimesitylborane. The boryl groups proved to serve as an electron-accepting unit to alter the photophysical and electrochemical properties. In addition, 5-diarylamino-15-dimesitylboryl-substituted donor-accepter porphyrins showed increased intramolecular charge-transfer character in the S1 state. Furthermore, the reaction of β-lithiated porphyrin with dichloromesitylborane provided a boron-bridged porphyrin dimer, which exhibited a conjugative interaction between two porphyrin units through the vacant p-orbital on the boron center.

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