Journal Article Magnetic resonance imaging of tumor with a self-traceable polymer conjugated with an antibody fragment.

Yamada, Hisatsugu  ,  Hasegawa, Yoshinori  ,  Suzuki, Yuki  ,  Imai, Hirohiko  ,  Matsuda, Tetsuya  ,  Kimura, Yu  ,  Toshimitsu, Akio  ,  Aoyama, Yasuhiro  ,  Kondo, Teruyuki

25 ( 13 )  , pp.2675 - 2678 , 2015-07-01 , Elsevier Ltd.
A (13)C-enriched phosphorylcholine polymer ((13)C-PMPC) as a self-traceable MR (magnetic resonance) tag was conjugated with a fragment (scFv) of Herceptin, a clinical antibody against antigen Her2. When injected in model mice bearing Her2(+) (gastric) and Her2(-) (pancreatic) tumors, the antibody-tag conjugate (13)C-PMPC-scFv selectively accumulated in the Her2(+) tumor with a rapid build-up/decay (accumulation/clearance) profile and, with the use of the (1)H-(13)C double-resonance (heteronuclear correlation) technique, the Her2(+) gastric tumor was clearly MR imaged.

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