Journal Article High HOMO levels and narrow energy band gaps of dithienogalloles

Matsumoto, Takuya  ,  Tanaka, Kazuo  ,  Chujo, Yoshiki

5 ( 68 )  , pp.55406 - 55410 , 2015-06-24 , Royal Society of Chemistry
We synthesized dithieno[3, 2-b:2′, 3′-d]galloles containing four-coordinated gallium atoms. It was found that dithienogalloles had high stability to air and moisture and showed narrower energy-band gaps than dithienosiloles which are commodity materials in organic opto and/or electronic devices. In addition, relatively-higher HOMO levels were observed from dithienogalloles than those of other dithienoheteroles from electrochemical measurements. We experimentally and theoretically demonstrated the electron-donating properties and resonance effects of gallium atoms of dithienogalloles.

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