Journal Article Hybrid [5]Radialenes with Bispyrroloheteroles: New Electron-Donating Units.

Higashino, Tomohiro  ,  Imahori, Hiroshi

21 ( 38 )  , pp.13375 - 13381 , 2015-08-04 , wiley
Bispyrroloheteroles have been synthesized to address their intrinsic structural, optical, and electrochemical properties. The X-ray crystal structures and calculated natural bond orbital (NBO) bond orders unambiguously demonstrated the existence of a two pyrrole-fused five-membered ring with short exocyclic C-C double bonds and long endocyclic C-C single bonds, supporting that the bispyrroloheteroles are rare examples of structurally characterized hybrid [5]radialenes. The bispyrroloheteroles were found to act as an electron-donating unit, which would be fascinating for the rational design of new charge-transporting and donor-acceptor photovoltaic materials as well as versatile charge-transfer complexes.

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