Journal Article Near-infrared multi-wavelengths long persistent luminescence of Nd³⁺ ion through persistent energy transfer in Ce³⁺, Cr³⁺ co-doped Y₃Al₂Ga₃O₁₂ for the first and second bio-imaging windows

Xu, Jian  ,  Tanabe, Setsuhisa  ,  Sontakke, Atul D.  ,  Ueda, Jumpei

107 ( 8 ) 2015-08-24 , AIP Publishing
We developed a persistent phosphor of Y₃Al₂Ga₃O₁₂ doped with Nd³⁺, Ce³⁺, Cr³⁺ ions (YAGG:Nd-Ce-Cr) exhibiting long (>10 h) persistent luminescence at multi-wavelengths of around 880, 1064, and 1335 nm due to f-f transitions of Nd³⁺ and at 505 nm due to Ce³⁺:5d₁→4f transition. The intense near-infrared (NIR) persistent luminescence bands from Nd³⁺match well with the first (650–950 nm) and second (1000–1400 nm) bio-imaging windows. The NIR persistent radiance of the YAGG:Nd-Ce-Cr phosphor (0.33 × 10⁻¹ mW/Sr/m²) at 60 min after ceasing blue light illumination was over 2 times higher than that of the widely used ZnGa₂O₄:Cr³⁺ red persistent phosphor (0.15 × 10⁻¹ mW/Sr/m²).

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