Journal Article Tracing temperature in a nanometer size region in a picosecond time period.

Nakajima, Kaoru  ,  Kitayama, Takumi  ,  Hayashi, Hiroaki  ,  Matsuda, Makoto  ,  Sataka, Masao  ,  Tsujimoto, Masahiko  ,  Toulemonde, Marcel  ,  Bouffard, Serge  ,  Kimura, Kenji

52015-08-21 , Nature Publishing Group
Irradiation of materials with either swift heavy ions or slow highly charged ions leads to ultrafast heating on a timescale of several picosecond in a region of several nanometer. This ultrafast local heating result in formation of nanostructures, which provide a number of potential applications in nanotechnologies. These nanostructures are believed to be formed when the local temperature rises beyond the melting or boiling point of the material. Conventional techniques, however, are not applicable to measure temperature in such a localized region in a short time period. Here, we propose a novel method for tracing temperature in a nanometer region in a picosecond time period by utilizing desorption of gold nanoparticles around the ion impact position. The feasibility is examined by comparing with the temperature evolution predicted by a theoretical model.

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