Journal Article A Synthetic Transcriptional Activator of Genes Associated with the Retina in Human Dermal Fibroblasts.

Syed, Junetha  ,  Chandran, Anandhakumar  ,  Pandian, Ganesh N  ,  Taniguchi, Junichi  ,  Sato, Shinsuke  ,  Hashiya, Kaori  ,  Kashiwazaki, Gengo  ,  Bando, Toshikazu  ,  Sugiyama, Hiroshi

16 ( 10 )  , pp.1497 - 1501 , 2015-05-28 , wiley
Small molecules capable of modulating epigenetic signatures can activate the transcription of tissue-restricted genes in a totally unrelated cell type and have potential use in epigenetic therapy. To provide an example for an initial approach, we report here on one synthetic small-molecule compound-termed "SAHA-PIP X"-from our library of conjugates. This compound triggered histone acetylation accompanied by the transcription of retinal-tissue-related genes in human dermal fibroblasts (HDFs).

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