Departmental Bulletin Paper 術前副腎癌を疑った後腹膜Schwannomaの1例
A Case of Retroperitoneal Tumor in the Adrenal Area Turned Out to Be Schwannoma Mimicking an Adrenal Malignant Tumor

弓場, 覚  ,  洪, 陽子  ,  岡田, 宜之  ,  佐藤, 元孝  ,  任, 幹夫  ,  辻畑, 正雄

61 ( 10 )  , pp.389 - 392 , 2015-10-31 , 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
A 76-year-old woman was found to have bilateral suprarenal tumors, 6.5 cm in diameter on the rightside, and 2.4 cm in diameter on the left side, by ultrasonography, computed tomography, and magneticresonance imaging. Strong accumulation of fluorodeoxyglucose in these tumors was found on positronemission tomography. Since it mimicked an adrenal malignant tumor, we performed right adrenalectomy. The pathological diagnosis of the removed mass was benign schwannoma, consistent of the Antoni type A. The left suprarenal tumor was not removed and she has been followed up for 18 months without anyrecurrence or tumor increase.

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