Journal Article Gold-Catalyzed Cascade Cyclization of 2-Alkynyl-N-Propargylanilines by Rearrangement of a Propargyl Group.

Tokimizu, Yusuke  ,  Oishi, Shinya  ,  Fujii, Nobutaka  ,  Ohno, Hiroaki

54 ( 27 )  , pp.7862 - 7866 , 2015-05-27 , wiley
Gold catalysis enables direct construction of tetracyclic fused indolines through the migration of a propargyl substituent from an aniline nitrogen atom to the C3-position of an indole from 2-alkynyl-N-propargylanilines. This reaction provides rapid access to fused three-dimensional indolines in a single operation with the formation of four bonds and three rings.

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