Journal Article Precise determination of two-carrier transport properties in the topological insulator TlBiSe 2

Eguchi, G.  ,  Kuroda, K.  ,  Shirai, K.  ,  Ando, Y.  ,  Shinjo, T.  ,  Kimura, A.  ,  Shiraishi, M.

91 ( 23 ) 2015-06-11 , American Physical Society
We report the electric transport study of the three-dimensional topological insulator TlBiSe2. We propose an analysis procedure which determines the two-carrier transport properties in precision. Magnetotransport properties reveal a multicarrier conduction of high- and low-mobility electrons in the bulk, which is in qualitative agreement with angle-resolved photoemission results [K. Kuroda et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 146801 (2010)]. The temperature dependence of the Hall mobility is explained well with the conventional Bloch-Grüneisen formula and yields the Debye temperature Θ(D)=113±14 K. The results indicate that the scattering of bulk electrons is dominated by acoustic phonons.

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