Journal Article Palladium-catalyzed formal hydroacylation of allenes employing carboxylic anhydrides and hydrosilanes

Fujihara, Tetsuaki  ,  Hosomi, Takuro  ,  Cong, Cong  ,  Hosoki, Tomoya  ,  Terao, Jun  ,  Tsuji, Yasushi

71 ( 26-27 )  , pp.4570 - 4574 , 2015-07-01 , Elsevier Ltd.
The formal hydroacylation reaction of allenes has been developed employing carboxylic anhydrides as acyl sources and hydrosilanes as reducing reagents in the presence of a commercially available palladium complex as a catalyst. The reaction affords α, β-unsaturated ketones regio- and stereoselectively. The similar catalyst system is also effective for the reduction of carboxylic anhydrides to the corresponding aldehydes employing hydrosilanes.

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