Journal Article Partial restoration of chiral symmetry in the color flux tube

Iritani, Takumi  ,  Cossu, Guido  ,  Hashimoto, Shoji

91 ( 9 ) 2015-05-05 , American Physical Society
Using the quark eigenmodes computed on the lattice with the overlap-Dirac operator, we investigate the spatial distribution of the chiral condensate around static color sources corresponding to quark-antiquark and three-quark systems. A flux structure of chromo fields appears in the presence of such color charges. The magnitude of the chiral condensate is reduced inside the color flux, which implies partial restoration of chiral symmetry inside hadrons. Taking a static baryon source in a periodic box as a toy model of nuclear matter, we estimate the magnitude of the chiral symmetry restoration as a function of baryon matter density.

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