Departmental Bulletin Paper 対側腎再発に対して体外腎部分切除術および自家腎移植を施行した有転移性腎癌の1例
Ex Vivo Partial Nephrectomy and Auto-Transplantation of a Solitary Kidney with Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma : A Case Report

尾張, 拓也  ,  吉田, 克法  ,  米田, 龍生  ,  岩本, 崇史  ,  堀俊, 太  ,  森澤, 洋介  ,  桑田, 真臣  ,  三宅, 牧人  ,  鳥本, 一匡  ,  青木, 勝也  ,  田中, 宣道  ,  藤本, 清秀

61 ( 9 )  , pp.359 - 363 , 2015-09-30 , 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
A 68-year-old man underwent radical nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma of the right kidney 12 years ago. He was diagnosed as having a recurrent tumor of the contralateral kidney and a single metastatic pulmonary lesion by diagnostic imaging on the annual checkup. He visited us in order to receive nephron sparing surgery. Since the preoperative abdominal computed tomography showed tumor thrombus invading intothe intrarenal vein, ex vivo partial nephrectomy and auto-transplantation was performed. Although he received transit hemodialysis during the postoperative 10 days, his renal function, thereafter became stable without hemodialysis. Eighty-seven days later he underwent right lower lobectomy. At postoperative 6 months he has no local recurrence or distant metastasis and maintains well-preserved renal function.

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