Journal Article SU(N)Heisenberg model with multicolumn representations

Okubo, Tsuyoshi  ,  Harada, Kenji  ,  Lou, Jie  ,  Kawashima, Naoki

92 ( 13 ) 2015-10-05 , American Physical Society
The SU(N) symmetric antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model with multicolumn representations on the two-dimensional square lattice is investigated by quantum Monte Carlo simulations. For the representation of a Young diagram with two columns, we confirm that a valence-bond solid (VBS) order appears as soon as the Néel order disappears at N=10, indicating no intermediate phase. In the case of the representation with three columns, there is no evidence for either the Néel or the VBS ordering for N≥15. This is actually consistent with the large-N theory, which predicts that the VBS state immediately follows the Néel state, because the expected spontaneous order is too weak to be detected.

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