Departmental Bulletin Paper <ブータン訪問学生感想文> ブータン人の精神を支えるもの
<Description of students' impressions> The Basis of the Spirits of the Bhutanese

岸, 晃生

16pp.85 - 89 , 2015-03-28 , 京都大学ヒマラヤ研究会; 京都大学ブータン友好プログラム; 京都大学霊長類学・ワイルドライフサイエンス・リーディング大学院
特集1: 京都大学ブータン友好プログラム特集 = Special Issue 1: Contribution from the Kyoto Bhutan Friendship Program
It is often said tha"t Bhutan is a happy country". Then, what the life in Bhutan is like? In this essay, I would like to write about Bhutan's lifestyle. People in Bhutan wear folk costumes in daily lives. Male costumes are called" Go", and female costumes are called" Kira". They are similar to kimono, Japanese costume. I think that by wearing the same costumes, people in Bhutan feel strong affinities with each other and strengthen their bonds. In Bhutan, people mainly eat rice and meat, vegetables, and mushrooms which are boiled with cheese. The most popular vegetable is red pepper, and they eat red pepper boiled with cheese every meal. At first, I did not like red pepper very much because it was hot. However, I gradually came to like it, and, now, I even miss that hot red pepper. During our trip, we stayed at a farmer's house in Ura Area for two days. During the stay, I was impressed that farmers were really considerate to each other, whether they were families or not. Then, I wondered why they were so kind to each other and asked the driver the reason. He immediately answered, "It is because people in Bhutan believe that others’ happiness is their own happiness". " When you are in trouble, someone is sure to help you." People in Bhutan believe so and help each other in daily lives. I think that such sense of security leads them to feel that they are happy. In conclusion, I would like to appreciate the support of Mr. Matsuzawa, and Mr. Sakamoto.

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