Departmental Bulletin Paper ラダーク高所農・牧民と市街移住者における、うつとQOLの健康関連要因の比較
Comparison of Health-related Associated Factors with Depressive Feelings and Subjective Quality of Life (QOL) among High-Altitude Farmers, Nomads and Migrants to Leh in Ladakh

奥宮, 清人  ,  福富, 江利子  ,  Norboo, Tsering  ,  坂本, 龍太  ,  木村, 友美  ,  石川, 元直  ,  諏訪, 邦明  ,  小坂, 康之  ,  野瀬, 光弘  ,  山口, 哲由  ,  月原, 敏博  ,  大塚, 邦明  ,  松林, 公蔵

16pp.94 - 104 , 2015-03-28 , 京都大学ヒマラヤ研究会; 京都大学ブータン友好プログラム; 京都大学霊長類学・ワイルドライフサイエンス・リーディング大学院
特集2: 総合地球環境学研究所「高所プロジェクト」特集 = Special Issue 2: The High Altitude Project in Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
The prevalence of hypertension in 2800 people in Ladakh was studied cross-sectionally from 2007 to 2011. We found 37.0% crude prevalence rate in the total subjects. The associated factors with hypertension were aging, overweight, dwelling at higher altitude, engagement in modernized sedentary occupation, and rural-to-urban migration. There was the interaction of both altitude and lifestyle change for the effect of hypertension.

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