Departmental Bulletin Paper 山地における農業と気候に関わる通年観測体制の構築 : ラダークの村落における簡易気象観測機器と定点カメラの設置
A Framework to Observe Microscale Climate and Agrarian Practice Year-Round in a Ladakhi Village, Jammu and Kashmir, India

山口, 哲由  ,  竹田, 晋也

16pp.142 - 152 , 2015-03-28 , 京都大学ヒマラヤ研究会; 京都大学ブータン友好プログラム; 京都大学霊長類学・ワイルドライフサイエンス・リーディング大学院
特集2: 総合地球環境学研究所「高所プロジェクト」特集 = Special Issue 2: The High Altitude Project in Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
Mountain environment varies with altitude. The variation of temperature with altitude results in diverse flora and fauna in different altitudinal zones. Agriculture has long been practiced in mountainous regions and also varies with altitudinal zones. Although mountain agriculture has recently been changing owing to economic globalization, small-scale climate is still important when considering the introduction of commercial crops. In addition, global warming has significant impacts on these regions, and mountain agriculture based on microscale climate would be prone to suffer from such climate change. However, because meteorological observations are usually conducted at limited stations, characteristics of small-scale climate—in most parts of the mountainous regions—are still unclear. Moreover, field research in mountain regions is generally conducted during limited seasons owing to harsh natural condition and difficult accessibility, thus agrarian practice is seldom observed year-round. Hence, further research is necessary to understand the relation between agrarian practice and small-scale climate. To address these issues, we have installed simple equipments to measure peripheral temperature and relative humidity in mountain villages of Ladakh, located in north India. Automatic cameras to observe agrarian practice have also been installed in the same village. This study aims to report the outline of the collected data and make brief discussion with these data.

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