Departmental Bulletin Paper 雲南懇話会10年の歩みと「第30回記念特別講演会」
The 10th-Year Anniversary of the Yunnan Forum and the 30th Anniversary Forum

安仁屋, 政武  ,  前田, 栄三

16pp.170 - 175 , 2015-03-28 , 京都大学ヒマラヤ研究会; 京都大学ブータン友好プログラム; 京都大学霊長類学・ワイルドライフサイエンス・リーディング大学院
特集4: 雲南懇話会からの寄稿 = Special Issue 4: Contribution from the Yunnan Forum
The Yunnan Forum was founded in 2004 by the members of the Academic Alpine Club of Kyoto (AACK) and the Sasagamine Kai {group of those who were members of the Kyoto University Alpine Club (KUAC)}, as a means with which to promote learning of the area, exchange the ideas and introduce unique/rare climbing/exploring experiences in Yunnan Province, China, and vicinities such as Southeast Asia and Tibet. Since then, the area of the topics has expanded to the other regions of the Asia, the Arctic, the Antarctic and Africa. The Yunnan Forum is open to the general public and has been drawing the audience with a wide variety of backgrounds, by featuring talks/lectures by prominent/unique climbers/explorers, scholars and the learned people. The Forum is held normally three times a year, in March/April, June/July and December. Its principal venue is the JICA International Research Center in Ichigaya, Tokyo. The meeting is followed by a small get-together for informal discussion and chat, in which participants can meet friends and get acquainted with speakers and new people. Those who are interested in the detail of our activities during the past 10 years can visit our home page (, where speakers, topics and their summaries of each forum, as well as other pertinent information are found, although in Japanese. On August 16, 2014, the Yunnan Forum held a special, the 30th anniversary forum, in which Africa was featured. The reasons we chose Africa were: (1) the origin place of the human spices; (2) the relatively unknown region to the Japanese; and (3) the Japanese scholars have been very active in highlevel researches on primates, native people, natural environment and others. The topics presented were: (1) Trekking and Investigation at Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Kenya; (2) Trekking on Mt. Rwenzori; (3) The World of Wild Chimpanzees—Mahale National Park, Tanzania; (4) Nature of Africa and Recent Environmental Changes; and (5) Old Days and Today of the Bushmen, the African Hunting/Gathering People — 50-years of Observation.

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