Departmental Bulletin Paper ケニア山登山と調査
Trekking and Investigation at Mt. Kenya: November 2000

安仁屋, 政武

16pp.176 - 183 , 2015-03-28 , 京都大学ヒマラヤ研究会; 京都大学ブータン友好プログラム; 京都大学霊長類学・ワイルドライフサイエンス・リーディング大学院
特集4: 雲南懇話会からの寄稿 = Special Issue 4: Contribution from the Yunnan Forum
I described the climbing experience and investigation at Mt. Kenya (called Kirinyaga by the native), the second highest mountain in Africa at a height of 5199m, in November 2000. I took the Naro Moru route to the Teleki Lodge through the broad U-shaped Teleki valley. I visited Lake Hohnel located to the south of the Teleki valley, which was dammed by a large, solid terminal moraine with little vegetation. Then, I made a circuit trekking, staying at the Kami Hut, climbing Pt. Lenana (4985m) and walking down on Lewis glacier to its snout and on its lateral moraine, before coming back to the Teleki Lodge. During this trek, I observed tarns (glacial lakes), glaciers and moraines. There are two types of tarns, moraine-dammed lake and depression filling lake (or kettle pond). I also visited Tyndall and Darwin glaciers. Compared to the glacier outlines depicted on a map (condition probably before 1988), all glaciers had considerably retreated, with Joseph Glacier on the brink of disappearance. According to a literature, glacier area was 1.563 km2 in 1899 when the mountain was first climbed and it had decreased to 0.413 km2 by 1993.

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