Departmental Bulletin Paper 口唇口蓋裂児をもつ両親の体験に関する事例研究 ─胎児診断から口蓋形成術後の心理変化に焦点を当てて
A case study of the experience of parents who have a child with cleft lip and palate: Focus on the parents’ psychological change from prenatal diagnosis until post palatoplasty

岡本, 留美  ,  我部山, キヨ子

The study aimed to describe the experience and psychological changes in parents who have a child with congenital anomalies, such as cleft lip and palate(CLP). A case study approach was adapted for this investigation. The participants were a set of parents, father and mother, who had the child with CLP. Data were collected with semi-structured interviews and by drawing a “life line” of events in each parent of the couple separately. The results showed that the most stressful life events for parents was at the point of first prenatal diagnosis. The feelings reported were “sadness, ” and “painful.” Moreover, coping behaviors in the parents were associated with seeking information via the internet, and interaction with other parents who had the child with CLP. It seemed particularly crucial that continuous support was present for parents until further examination after the primary ultrasound screening. We suggest that it is important for parents to continuously support each other as a couple. It is essential for health professionals to understand the experiences and psychological changes in parents who have the child with CLP. As for the future, it is necessary to consider supporting the parents in family relationships and also within the community.

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