Article 国境型マラリアの村落調査短報

益田, 岳

(132)  , pp.1 - 8 , 2015-08 , 大学院アジア・アフリ力地域研究研究科 , アフリ力地域研究資料センター , 京都大学地域研究統合情報センター , 東南アジア研究所
This document is an intewiew summary based on malaria research conducted neaby the Indonesia and Malaysia border area located in the inner Borneo Island, where malaria, namely plasmodium vivax has been endemic at least since early 1990 up to 2010. Although the content of this interview is limited in many ways, we are preparing an integrated paper intended to raise public awareness on the reality of life and diseases in a tropical area in the near future. The local population who lives in the middle of the oil palm plantation without working in the plantation has difficulty subsisting. They have to rely substantially on the city: in this interview, a middle-aged female farmer supports her whole family by means of daily rubber tapping and work in the rice field. However they only manage to cumulate under half of the poverty line income.

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