Journal Article Landau-like theory for universality of critical exponents in quasistationary states of isolated mean-field systems

Ogawa, Shun  ,  Yamaguchi, Yoshiyuki Y.

91 ( 6 ) 2015-06-08 , American Physical Society
An external force dynamically drives an isolated mean-field Hamiltonian system to a long-lasting quasistationary state, whose lifetime increases with population of the system. For second order phase transitions in quasistationary states, two nonclassical critical exponents have been reported individually by using a linear and a nonlinear response theories in a toy model. We provide a simple way to compute the critical exponents all at once, which is an analog of the Landau theory. The present theory extends the universality class of the nonclassical exponents to spatially periodic one-dimensional systems and shows that the exponents satisfy a classical scaling relation inevitably by using a key scaling of momentum.

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