Journal Article Extracting Tritium from Water Using a Protonic Manganese Oxide Spinel

Koyanaka, Hideki  ,  Miyatake, Hideo

50 ( 14 )  , pp.2142 - 2146 , 2015-04-23 , Taylor & Francis
水からトリチウムを室温下で効率よく分離できる吸収剤の開発に成功 --原発汚染水処理、先端創薬合成、高信頼性細胞培養液への応用に期待--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2015-04-23.
Extracting tritium of parts-per-trillion-levels from water at room temperature was provided using a protonic manganese oxide with a spinel crystal structure under weakly acidic conditions. Indeed, using 0.48 g of the protonic manganese oxide powder led to the removal of 1.75 × 10[5] Bq of tritium in 20 min at room temperature from a test water (100 mL) that contained a tritium concentration of 5.6 × 106 Bq/L (i.e., 15.6 ng/L). The extraction capability of tritium significantly depended on the crystal structure of manganese oxides and the proton content in the spinel crystal structure.

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