Departmental Bulletin Paper 尿管鏡下生検にて診断し得た限局性尿管アミロイドーシスの1例
A Case of Localized Amyloidosis of the Ureter Diagnosed by Ureter Biopsy Using a Ureteroscope

早川, 将平  ,  白木, 良一  ,  深見, 直彦  ,  佐々木, ひと美  ,  日下, 守  ,  星長, 清隆

61 ( 7 )  , pp.275 - 277 , 2015-07 , 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
A 42-year-old female visited our hospital with the chief complaint of macrohematuria and left lateroabdominal pain. Computed tomography and retrograde pyelogram showed left hydronephroureter and obstructive uropathy which was 20 mm in diameter in the middle ureter. Urine cytology was negative. Ureter biopsy revealed amyloidosis. Our diagnosis was localized amyloidosis of the ureter, because amyloid was not found in other places in her whole body inspection. Partial ureterectomy was performed. Left renal function was preserved. The patient has been free of recurrence for 18 months after surgery.

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