Journal Article Anti-damping spin transfer torque through epitaxial nickel oxide

Moriyama, Takahiro  ,  Takei, So  ,  Nagata, Masaki  ,  Yoshimura, Yoko  ,  Matsuzaki, Noriko  ,  Terashima, Takahito  ,  Tserkovnyak, Yaroslav  ,  Ono, Teruo

106 ( 16 ) 2015-04-22 , AIP Publishing
We prepare the high quality epitaxial MgO(001)[100]/Pt(001)[100]/NiO(001)[100]/FeNi/SiO2 films to investigate the spin transport in the NiO antiferromagnetic insulator. The ferromagnetic resonance measurements of the FeNi under a spin current injection from the Pt by the spin Hall effect revealed the change of the ferromagnetic resonance linewidth depending on the amount of the spin current injection. The results can be interpreted that there is an angular momentum transfer through the NiO. A high efficient angular momentum transfer we observed in the epitaxial NiO can be attributed to the well-defined orientation of the antiferromagnetic moments and the spin quantization axis of the injected spin current.

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