Journal Article Multitarget super-resolution microscopy with high-density labeling by exchangeable probes.

Kiuchi, Tai  ,  Higuchi, Makio  ,  Takamura, Akihiro  ,  Maruoka, Masahiro  ,  Watanabe, Naoki

12pp.743 - 746 , 2015-07-06 , Nature Publishing Group
無制限多重染色と高精細な画質を実現する超解像顕微鏡法IRISを開発 -多種のタンパク質が織りなすミクロの世界を可視化-. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2015-07-07.
We have developed a multitarget super-resolution microscopy technique called image reconstruction by integrating exchangeable single-molecule localization (IRIS). IRIS uses protein fragment-based probes that directly associate with and dissociate from their targets over durations on the order of tens of milliseconds. By integrating single-molecule localization and sequential labeling, IRIS enables unprecedented labeling density along multiple cellular structures. IRIS can be used to discern the area-specific proximity between cytoskeletal components and focal adhesions within a single cell.

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