Journal Article Controlled motion of Janus particles in periodically phase-separating binary fluids.

Araki, Takeaki  ,  Fukai, Shintaro

11 ( 17 )  , pp.3470 - 3479 , 2015-04-07 , Royal Society of Chemistry
We numerically investigate the propelled motions of a Janus particle in a periodically phase-separating binary fluid mixture. In this study, the surface of the particle tail prefers one of the binary fluid components and the particle head is neutral in the wettability. During the demixing period, the more wettable phase is selectively adsorbed to the particle tail. Growths of the adsorbed domains induce the hydrodynamic flow in the vicinity of the particle tail, and this asymmetric pumping flow drives the particle toward the particle head. During the mixing period, the particle motion almost ceases because the mixing primarily occurs via diffusion and the resulting hydrodynamic flow is negligibly small. Repeating this cycle unboundedly moves the Janus particle toward the head. The dependencies of the composition and the repeat frequency on the particle motion are discussed.

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