Journal Article Representation of macroscopic magnetization based on bifurcation property of domain structure

Nakamura, T.  ,  Ito, S.  ,  Mifune, T.  ,  Matsuo, T.  ,  Kaido, C.

117 ( 17 ) 2015-05-07 , AIP Publishing
This study presents an efficient representation of macroscopic magnetization process based on the bifurcation property of mesoscopic two-domain magnetic particles. The macroscopic magnetization model, called the assembled domain structure model (ADSM), is constructed by assembling mesoscopic particles. Bifurcation is discussed of the two-domain state from the single-domain state in the unit mesoscopic particle in the ADSM. Based on this state bifurcation, a procedure to switch the macroscopic magnetization-state transition in the ADSM is developed, which dramatically reduces computation times in macroscopic magnetization simulations.

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